Welcome, Jacey!

Jacey Duprie is Creative Director of 12|12

We are excited to share an announcement with all of you today. Jacey Duprie is joining our 12|12 family as Creative Director and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Many of you may know Jacey as the talented fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur behind the editorial platform Damsel in Dior, with a dedicated following of fans that love her for her authentic voice and aesthetic.

Jacey became a fan of the brand, bringing her daughter June home from the hospital in 12|12 earlier this year. From there, an organic relationship developed, and it became clear that Jacey’s values and areas of expertise were in line with the brand. From our first meeting with her over breakfast in New York, where her husband and adorable newborn popped in to say hi, we could feel a sense of mutual excitement at the possibility of working together. In her role, she will help to carry out the brand’s mission and will oversee the execution of our various media platforms, including social and the 12|12 website. She will also take the lead on directing her first photoshoot for 12|12 this fall. We could not be more excited for all of you to get to know Jacey, so look out for her on the 12|12 Insta and for a more detailed personal intro from Jacey herself in the coming days.

Welcome to the team, Jacey!


Amy and Stacey

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