5 Dog Breeds That Are Great For Kids

5 Dog Breeds That Are Great For Kids
Not only are dogs a wonderful companion for kids, but they can also teach responsibility and patience.

But what breed of dog is best for your family?

Depending on the age of your kiddo's and the lifestyle of your household {active versus non}, there are 10 breeds that we found checked off all of the boxes. Some breeds require additional training, others may act as couch potatoes and some might want endless playtime.

Find out what breed is best for your family below. 

Happy go-lucky, curious and funny, this breed is expected to live 10-15 years and does great in packs. They also only weigh about 20-30 pounds and can travel easily so it's the perfect pup for any family on the go.
Boston Terrier
Boston terrier's are hilariously amusing. I know this because my brother has one and she and their 1 year old son get along tremendously well. Boston's have lively energy, can be trained easily and they're small yet sturdy build make them perfect for taking walks to the cafe. They're a great urban pup!
Golden Retriever
The king and queen of family dogs, this breed is hands down the friendliest and most intelligent dog of our list. They are energetic, eager to please and have endless amounts of energy to keep your kiddo's entertained for hours. 
Labrador Retreiver
We had two black labs growing up and they were the BEST playmates. Labs are enthusiastic athletes and require quite a bit of exercise which make them perfect for the outdoors. 
Last but definitely not least is the devoted, loyal and graceful breed, the Collie. With gentle training, they learn quickly and easily. Collies are famously fond of children and make wonderful family pets.

Does your family have a dog? What breed? Leave a comment below!


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