Traveling This Holiday?

Traveling This Holiday?

There are certain windows of time where it's a piece of cake to travel with kiddo's and them there are times where it's a huge pain in the ***. 

I'm heading to Texas for Christmas and with my 10 month old daughter on the m-o-v-e, I am definitely anxious about the flight home. I did a bit of research recently and came across a few pointers. 

While it's different to travel with a baby versus a toddler versus a full blown kid, I would love your input in the comments on what you think makes for an easy travel day. 

  1. Pick the right flight and time depending on their schedule, not yours.
  2. Maximize your chances of getting an extra seat. Check in early, call ahead of time and be super duper nice, explaining how you are traveling with a baby and are feeling nervous about the flight. 
  3. Electronics are a must. I love this pro-tip and as much as I stress over screen time, I am throwing my arms up and going to give in to whatever it takes to make the flight easier. 
  4. Bring non-electronic entertainment to keep little fingers busy. One of my friends used post-it notes which I plan to pack, along with a variety of new toys she hasn't been introduced to. 
  5. Bring a wide variety of snacks.
  6. Walk the aisle. 
  7. Don't stress the nap. This one is bit for me because I worry so much about her schedule and nap so I will do my best on the travel day(s) to relax a little. 


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