Tips from a School Psychologist

As we embark on a new way of learning through remote digital learning, here are some suggestions for parents and families that can be helpful in creating a home learning environment.

  1. Continue routines
    1. Continue your morning routine of having your child wake up, get dressed, and eat breakfast like they would do on a typical day.
    2. Continue nighttime routines and have your child continue with their typical bedtime.
  2. Setup a home learning area
    1. Setup an area where your child will be completing school learning activities such as a table or desk. This could be the dining room table (consider using a bin or box to place supplies when learning time is over).
    2. Make sure the area has the supplies your child needs and a clock if possible.
  3. Setup a learning schedule
    1. With the help of your teacher, create a schedule of what your child’s day of learning could look like
    2. Break longer learning activities up with movement activities (i.e. GoNoodle), calming activities (i.e. coloring, mindfulness activities, yoga), snack time, etc. 
    3. Visual schedules are helpful ways to show your child what the day will look like, consider a “Do, Done” or “First, Then” schedule. 
  4. Reinforce school expectations and language during learning times
    1. Use common language and reinforcing expected behaviors (i.e., Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Caring)
    2. If needed, create a reinforcement schedule in which your child can earn a preferred activity for demonstrating expected behaviors (i.e. 5 stars = 5 minutes of a preferred activity).

Tips courtesy of School Psychologist Samantha Manduca.

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