Earth Day Crafts: Ready to Recycle

Earth Day Crafts: Ready to Recycle

Upcycle your ever-growing pile of delivery and curbside boxes into fun Earth Day activities to celebrate the beautiful planet we call home. We tapped into @recycleandplay’s cheerful IG feed for these ingenious ideas!

Rainbow Tunnel

Big deliveries mean big fun! And simple construction means less fuss for Mom and Dad. Bonus - the tunnel demands to be played in, keeping little ones entertained for hours after the craft is complete.

Crafty Critters

Bubble wrap, buttons and bottle caps, oh my! Let their imaginations go to town creating their own species of insects and critters. 

Recycled Rocketship

See planet Earth from a new perspective – outer space! Build a cardboard rocketship and bring out their inner astronauts. 

Wacky Weather

Not up for a large project? Try this simple two-cup craft and make the perfect accessory for their homeschool desk.

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