Bout De Chou Exclusively for 12|12

Bout de Chou is a patented product. It is not a brand and has not launched for consumer purchase / isn’t available to buy online anywhere else. It is a high-end, neutral baby-carrier fleece layer designed to attach to a Bjorn or similar — creating a solution for moms carrying their babies in cold weather cities like New York City (or SF, etc.). The product was designed and patented by two moms (one is a model). Amy was introduced to the product and knows there is a need for something like this. (Many brands offer products like this for car-seats and strollers, but there are few options for babycarriers.) 

While it is clearly a niche, there is the potential for high conversion because it solves a problem many moms have in cold weather cities. Ultimately, if it translates to our customers, 12|12 has the option of taking over the patent and making these in our colors, prints etc. as an additional product offering on our site. In the short-term, we are essentially getting the product that has already been made for free and would make the entire profit on it, which helps us to achieve our financial goals for the month. The closest competitor for this is the brand 7 A.M Enfant with this product.

Kristen was running around Manhattan as a model when she first became a mom. Being a NYC mom, she was not willing to compromise on style or function, even while carrying her baby. At the same time, Ellen was raising her family out in Long Island. She had three kids very close in age so she always had one in the baby carrier to free her hands up for the other two. Bout de Chou was born of a lack of good options. Kristen and Ellen were tired of just throwing a husband's oversized, and let's be honest, not so cute jacket over the baby. So they set out to design a unique cover that would be compatible and easily attach to most baby carrirers. Their intention was to keep the baby both cozy and protective, but more importantly, chic, because they were the ones wearing it! While they were busy designing and the little ones were busy toddling, the babysitter kept on referring to them as "petit bout de chou's". They learned "Bout de Chou" is a French term, literally meaning "a bit of cabbage", but typically used as a term of endearment for little ones, similar to saying "what a cute little peanut!" The name stuck.