Fab*Boo*Lous Layers!

Fab*Boo*Lous Layers!

Halloween weather can be a toss up, and no child wants to cover up their costume with a coat. Our simple solution: Just add layers underneath — our lightweight organic pima cotton tees and leggings can add significant warmth (and comfort) without the bulk.


Staying home this year? Head to the end for some fun (and safe!) alternatives to trick-or-treating that will give your kids an excuse to dress up for a night of Halloween magic!

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Layers They'll Love


To Shop This Look:

Gold Butterfly Dress and Wings

The Daily Long Sleeve Tee

The Daily Legging

Gold Wand


To Shop This Look:

Toddler/Big Kid Jr. Doctor Lab Coat

The Daily Short Sleeve Tee

Make Me Iconic Doctor Kit


Customize Your Pieces

(order embroidered pieces soon - Halloween is eerily approaching!)

To Shop This Look:

Dragon Cape With Claws, Green/Blue

The Daily Long Sleeve

The Daily Legging


To Shop This Look:

The Daily Short Sleeve Onesie

Baby/Toddler/Big Kid Jr. Flight Suit


To Shop This Look:

Halloween Cape Dress Up

The Daily Short Sleeve Tee Embroidered


And for the finishing touch:

a mask that says it all!

Shop Trick Or Treat Mask

Safe Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

  • Have a family game night
  • Make Halloween treats together
  • Assemble bags of sweets and deliver them to your local homeless shelter (kids can decorate the bags with stickers!)
  • Set-up an Halloween candy hunt in your backyard
  • Prepare a fun & festive Halloween-themed dinner party



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