Our First Donation

February 05, 2016

Our First Donation

Having just returned from LA, we feel exhilarated and energized by the people we're meeting, the feedback we're getting, and the increasing sense that we are on to something much bigger and more impactful than we ever imagined.



The purpose of our trip: to make our first donation. During our visit to Baby2Baby, we had a chance to sit down and have a lengthy conversation with Co-founder Norah Weinstein and Director of Corporate Relations Jen Armstrong. Their passion for the mission was palpable. We talked about how Baby2Baby started in the garages of a small group of mothers in LA, and how Norah and Co-founder Kelly Sawyer took it from a small but growing operation to the giant philanthropic endeavor it now is. We poured over the super soft organic cotton pieces that are soon going to be in the hands of families in need, and we couldn't help but be elated at their enthusiasm for the 12|12 brand and product.

This is just the first of many donations to come.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and participation in our mission to do good. #GetGive

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